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You have a story that works well on its own without pictures. And then you have drawings that are capable of telling a story on their own. But by putting them together you make it worse.
E.g. the narration tells about the candle that the viewer has been seeing for several seconds. This adds redundancy and makes it more boring.

Trust your drawings to tell the story as far as possible and only narrate what they don't show.

JRRun responds:

Cheers Rotten-Carrot - that's some really helpful feedback!
I agree that it's definitely "over-narrated" in some areas. I'm hoping to find the ideal 'balance', but it may take some time. Thanks again for the critique!

The basic idea of a credit card as a genie is nice.

The arc at 0:05 as a symbol for the workplace doesn't work well. Something more obvious would be better.

The animation has a couple of flaws like a sliding walk cycle but overall nothing to be embarrassed about.

AnimatedCritic responds:

Thank you - Much appreciated!

I've moved on and don't think I'll ever update, but if I do, any suggestions for "more obvious" in the workplace?

Thanks again!

You do a good job generating a weird atmosphere with the music. Dialogue is also great.

From a technical point: The characters lack some contrast from the background. You could improve this e.g. by giving them a higher colour saturation than the background and/or by adding blur to the background.

EdKempeper responds:

Thank you very much for your constructive review ! For the creation of this short "movie", the atmosphere was my first preoccupation (with the audio). I'll keep your advices in mind for my next try !! ;)

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The image composition is great! First the attention goes to the woman that to the man diving down to her and the to the guy on the pier. That creates some tension and leaves room for imagination.

The poles of the pier could do with some light refraction - The part outside of the water would be tilted to the left/towards the viewer. Also you wouldn't see the whole pier all the way to the shore but only inside a circle like you did with the skyline.

MassGas responds:

Last time i noticed that i am making very minimalistic images. It makes me feel that is still uncompleted. Do you have any idea how to make pictures more detalic? I have a big problem with that.

I can't help it. I need to make these videos.

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